We support the traditional family. Children do best when raised by their mom and dad. Parents have the fundamental right to raise their children free from governmental interference except in the cases of abuse or neglect. The Congress will soon be voting on a Parental Rights Amendment to our US Constitution and we urge you contact your Congressperson or Senator and urge its passage to the State legislatures.

  1. Looking for a list of attorneys Good ones, ones to avoid….has anyone done? janstorbakken@yahoo.com

  2. Oh Yes, must not ever give up, the legal system will save the situation, or rather fix it properly.

    2 plane tickets please-out of Canada too.


  3. I am trying to keep myself calm. I just read another article written by Parental Rights – you’ll find it if you Google Family Court Corruption Parental Rights County fixed custodial timeshare kidnappings / PAS. The conspiring Minor’s counsel in my case is paid by the L.A. County despite the fact that my ex husband earns >$25,000.00 per month from what used to be our community corporations.

    My Judge is a VP and on the Board of Directors for the AFCC – he get’s kickbacks from there too. I had a hearing a few days ago and I told him and the County paid Minor’s Counsel that I knew about the slush funds and kick backs. He did not bat an eye lash. OK, so now everyone knows what the game is.

    You have got to read the article on L.A. County fixed custody arrangements as it relates to court ordered PAS. I still can not believe that this is happening in the United States of America. All of these Judges have Real Party Interests in our human offspring.

    I think we need subordination agreements drafted and signed during the first trimester of our pregnancies stating that we subordinate all parental rights and agree to hand over our children to the Government in the event we are subjected to a divorce.
    God Bless America. Can someone get me a plane ticket out of this Red country? Apparently, our American flag has lost the white and the blue colors. Where the heck is President Obama?

  4. Thanks, Bella

  5. Very nice blog with great info. Parents we can fight back, make changes and win. You arent alone, NEVER GIVE UP.


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