Jennifer Hoult – Article on Parental Alienation Credibility is Suspect

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The Evidentiary Admissibility of Parental Alienation Syndrome: Science, Law, and Policy

I wanted to find out more about the writer of the article above and found this nonsense article about Jennifer Hoult. Apparently Ms. Hoult, now an attorney, realized that there is big dollars in prosecuting for “repressed memories” and like a lot of rabid feminist attorneys, attack parental alienation, not on its merits, but because by keeping false allegations and repressed memories as part of the family law cycle, they can keep making $$Billions of Dollars in Legal fees, and keep the cycle of child abuse alive.

HOULT [MASSACHUSETTS] David Hoult, 68, was arrested and sent to prison
in October 2003. The now-retired MIT professor Hoult was originally
accused by his daughter, Jennifer, who had begun therapy in the fall
of 1984 with an unlicensed New York psychotherapist for problems that
included divided loyalties surrounding her parents’ divorce. Jennifer
recovered memories that she had been abused, and she sued her father
in 1988, claiming she had been molested from the ages of 4 years to 17
years, hundreds if not thousands of times and sometimes with many
family members nearby. She claimed that she buried these memories
until she was 24 years old.

The case went to trial in U.S. District Court in Massachusetts (Hoult
v. Hoult, 1993). Jennifer Hoult was on the stand for three days and
had experts to support her. David Hoult’s attorney had no experts or
even character witnesses. The attorney apparently believed that the
implausibility of the “memories” would be enough. He thought wrongly.
A Massachusetts jury awarded Jennifer $500,000 that David Hoult never
paid, the reason he is now in prison.

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