Children Abused 4 Times as Much from Mom and New Boyfriend

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Fortunately, legislators are now beginning to see the results of what happens to children when they are left in single mom home, and single mom homes, with boyfriends. Child Abuse statistics as reported by the Department of HHS. It is time for legislators to act to protect children by protecting and insuring dads involvement .

President Obama’s fatherhood initiative bill that failed in 2006 while he was Senator, has been reincarnated by Senator Bayh and it will pass, this time. Although there are some dads that will see this bill as flawed, it is a step in the right direction to bring dads back into relationship with the children and end the cycle of Domestic Violence inflicted on them by the perps who hurt them, Biological Moms and Moms with boyfriends. (BM)

This group, BMs, combined accounts for 44.4 percent of domestic violence against children.

The second group Biological Dads and others (BD), account for 18.8 percent of domestic violence against children. The third group is both mom and dad at 16.8 percent. Children are safer in a married parents home.

The statistics are clear. Children are only marginally more at danger with Biological dad and Other alone by 2 percentage points!!

But with Biological Mom and BF? These perps go up by a whopping 27.5 percent!!!

Statistically, that means after divorce dads and new wife and girlfriend account for 2 percent increase.

On the other hand moms and new husband or boyfriend account for a 27.5 percent increase with biological moms responsible for 22 percent increase!! in violence against their own children!!

Biological Dads = 2 percent increase !!
Bioligical Moms = 22 percent increase !!

Children experience a 1100 PERCENT INCREASE in domestic violence by their biological moms alone.

It is time for legislators and judges to put dads back in homes, and end the terror that children experience when their daddy is gone……..and it is just mommy!

Figure 3-6 Victims by Perpetrator Relationship, 2007

Victims by Perpetrator Relationship, 2007

Victims by Perpetrator Relationship, 2007

This pie chart presents victims by relationship to their perpetrators. More than 80 percent (80.1%) of victims were maltreated by at least one parent. Nearly 40 percent (38.7%) of victims were maltreated by their mother acting on her own.

Child Maltreatment 2007: Figure 3-6 Victims by Perpetrator Relationship, 2007.

  1. this is a bunch of BULL!!!!! While i am so much a supporter of Parental Alienation, and in fact a VICTIM of my arrogant, controlling, manipulative ex husband, I can assure you that ONLY THE POLLS these men WANT to be involved in are what they support. In other words i can show you several links that will PROVE that women and Mothers are the “weaker sex” and therefore are manipulated and controlled by the dominant, arrogant, controlling manipulative ex husband (and father now, sadly) who think he should have EVERY right as the mother. REALLY? It is NOT his body this child came out of , no matter how hard he may try to plead his case. YES. There most definately are some manipulative Mommys, but most victims of Domestic Violence are Women, same as Parental Alienation…. Mothers can make that final choice whether that child even enters this world, a MOTHER has to be there and has NO CHOICE but to know that child is hers, but the Father? Being his only act in parenting lasted a few seconds……and he bears absolutely NO PHYSICAL PAIN in the endurance of bringing this child to earth, how can her truly say that his “bond is equally emotionally” ? HE CANT!

    I find this post very pertubing and misleading. Again, while i can testify that manipulation and parental alienation are indeed a given, what is NOT a given is the “victim stance” .

    • The facts are the facts. Moms and new boyfriends are statistically more likely to abuse than dad and new girlfriend. These are undeniable facts.

  2. […] was onto this, introducing legislation for which I can’t speak and haven’t read, but the statistics that support said legislation speak for themselves.  Moms’ boyfriends beat the children.  Fathers and their girlfriends do not.  Want to stop […]

  3. I am trying…!!

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