Child(ren) Held Hostage

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This is another good website describing a parent’s journey alone without a child, alienated by the other parent.

Child(ren) Held Hostage

I hope this Blog will prove helpful in the recognition and useful in the prevention of Parental Alienation Syndrome.

“Parental Alienation is about parents who place their own selfish needs above those of their defenseless children and in doing so, they deny them their right to love and be loved by both parents. Alienators do not fit the stereotype of the deficient and ill-equipment parent. Instead, these parents are generally articulate, resourceful, and competent in all other aspects of their lives – except in the realm of parenting. In fact, these individuals might easily be mistaken for ideal parents, except to the properly informed, because they profess love and concern for their children. What sets these individuals apart from other dysfunctional parents is their overwhelming commitment to meeting their own needs first. In doing so, they destroy the relationship their children have with the other parent – at whatever cost. ” Dr. Reena Sommer – Internationally Recognized Divorce and Custody Consultant

The video plugs are kinda screwy. You must wait until the video frames change to select the intended videos. The woman with the red hair to the far left and the father with his son to the far right is the right set of videos.

Important Informational Video’s

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Child(ren) Held Hostage.

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