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ParentsFirst – UK Organization for Parents and Children

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Parents First is a British non-governmental voluntary organisation which aims through advice, support and referrals to help ALL parents (especially single parents) affected by family breakdown – in its various forms – to overcome their problems and to reunite with their child/ren safely wherever possible. We aim to help parents help themselves! Specifically, we aim to help aggrieved parents by mounting challenges in the UK courts using the Human Rights Act 1998 together with the Children Act 1989!

Parents First strongly believes in the integrity of the nuclear family as the building block of society. We see the right of the child to give and receive unconditional love and parental upbringing as non-negotiable and inextricably tied up with a meaningful definition of child welfare, which is paramount unless demonstrably proven impossible to achieve. Therefore, Family Life deserves respect.

Parents First endorses precise risk identification, its quantification and its effective management as the modern, enlightened approach, and hence categorically objects to crude over-simplifications in this sensitive area over a child/ren’s future within its/their birth family.

In the private law domain, we see ongoing inter-parental conflict post-relationship breakdown as incompatible with the continuing roles as parents and discourage perpetuating any inter-parental hostility as distinctly unhelpful to the child/rens welfare.

Hence we encourage separating couples to consider their child/ren’s welfare needs above their own, despite the acrimonies involved.

In the public law arena we view state intervention as the lesser of two evils and only to be used sparingly. We promote due and requisite statutory support for families with child/ren in need to minimise family disruption in order to keep families together and not to split them up needlessly.

There is not one single recorded case where a birth parent has taken on the system to win back his/her child from state care, and then gone on to harm or kill it – because this is simply improbable!

Yet, on the basis of little more than public hysteria and hyperbole over systematic failings by social service departments up and down the British Isles, (in the wake of their spectacular disasters in genuinely tragic cases, eg, Baby Peter, Khyra Ishaq, Victoria Climbie and many others,) over-zealous practice is rife causing unnecessary family breakdown by depriving capable parents of vital opportunities to demonstrate their parenting abilities. This practice is clearly disproportional and must be stopped. Yet that abuse in care continues unabated and is virtually unchallenged is outrageous!

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