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Fathers 4 Justice in city centre protest (From Oxford Mail)

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Fathers 4 Justice in city centre protest

9:33am Wednesday 4th November 2009

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By Andrew Ffrench »

A campaigner for father’s rights has attempted to scale the roof of Oxford Magistrates’ Court.

Roger Crawford, 60, a member of Fathers 4 Justice launched a protest this morning.

Mr Crawford, from Meppershall, in Bedfordshire, was dressed as superman as he attempted to climb the building in St Aldate’s earlier this morning, before being caught by security staff.

It is believed the campaigners have now taken their protest to the street outside.

via Fathers 4 Justice in city centre protest (From Oxford Mail).


Your Say YourOxford

philg, Oxford says…
2:44pm Wed 4 Nov 09

I thought the crown court was in St Aldate’s, and the Magistrates’ court in Speedwell Street. The campaigners I saw were certainly outside the Crown Court.

Get the facts straight

Mike Murphy, Sault Ste. Marie, ON, Canada says…
5:30am Thu 5 Nov 09

Roger well done. Its good to see a man closer to my age still spry enough to try and get on roofs as well as have the passion and love for children you do.

Its always a good day when we draw attention to the dysfunction of family courts no matter what court house it is.

slumdog, wallasey says…
1:25pm Thu 5 Nov 09

Too many men see their partners and their children as property. When their property is taken from them they throw tantrums and explode with infantile, impotent macho rage. FFJ is the natural home of these people as demonstrated by their choice of male power fantasy attire. ..
If it was passion or love they were trying to express they would not have plotted to kidnap Tony Blair’s kids.
Mike Murphy, We will be better off when FFJ is not just spry, but crisp and dry.

newfathers4justice ( sussex ), sussex says…
9:05pm Thu 5 Nov 09


your obviously an idiot !
and i would say quoting from some bad experience
, oh
, and by the way F4J’ did not try to kidnap leo blair

if your so up on things get your facts straight first

slumdog, wallasey says…
4:46am Fri 6 Nov 09

ffj This post is the same as the one on the other thread, Your missus teach you to copy and paste before she through you out?

slumdog, wallasey says…
12:21pm Fri 6 Nov 09

My last post should read ‘threw’, not ‘through’. I was a bit tired by then!

newfathers4justice ( sussex ), sussex says…
7:45pm Fri 6 Nov 09

get a life