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Child Finally ReUnited with His Family – Parental Rights Fought for and Won

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This child was taken in an attempted unethical adoption . Man married and just recently divorced, never gave up his rights, woman signed away and then reneged. This man was a divorced dad, no couple has a right to just come along snaatch up his baby. This time they even did it to a married Dad. I guess because he is a man he should have no rights.It seems the couple that took the child thought “well, you’re married and this is your son whom you visit, but because of the divorce we can just steal your child and you should have no rights because your a man.” After 5 years of unconstitutional wranglings against his parents and $225, 000 in legal fees– parents finally get him back.

All over the United States, and indeed the world, perfectly good parents are having their children stolen through unethical adoption practices. These stories often do not get the media attention they deserve because attorneys often threaten to sue news stations and papers for doing stories about these cases. This is unethical, but it often journalistic publications are worried about bottom line cost and do not want to spend the attorney fees that would be required to fight these crooked baby stealing lawyers in court. Regardless this needs to stop and the world needs to know that these things are going on, and on what scale they are going on. Part of the confusion is terms. Attorneys that steal babies exploit this. For example when people hear the term unethical adoption they think “an adoption where paper work wasn’t filled out right.” An unethical adoption was an adoption that couldn’t ethically be done and that means a child was taken from their parent even though they should have never been, and given to someone else. That means that it is a KIDNAPPING, and that’s what the attorneys that do this don’t want the public to know.