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TIME for a Sober Look at Marriage » The Foundry

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TIME for a Sober Look at Marriage

This week’s TIME magazine cover story, Unfaithfully Yours, dramatically laments the collapse of marriage:

“There is no other single force causing as much measurable hardship and human misery in this country, as the collapse of marriage. It hurts children, it reduces mothers’ financial security, and it has landed with particular devastation on those who can bear it least: the nation’s underclass,” writes Caitlin Flanagan.

Flanagan’s clarion call is backed by demographic trends that have now reached a point where nearly four of every ten babies is born out of wedlock and only half of all teenagers live in intact families. Cause for alarm is also found in a bevy of academic studies revealing the impact of the dissolution of the nuclear family on the life prospects and well-being of adults and their children. Research has clearly shown the physical, emotional, and fiscal benefits that married couples experience, as well as the devastating impact that the decline of the intact family has for the next generation. Compared with peers living with both biological parents, children and youth in other family structures fare worse in terms of academic achievement, mental and emotional health, and problem behavior. A father’s presence and involvement can make a lasting difference in a child’s prospects for life.

A married father is more likely to be involved with his children–as Flanagan quotes our own Robert Rector– while unmarried fathers are “soon out the door” when the demands of family life inevitably occur.

Surveys have indicated that American adolescents’ attitudes toward marriage tend to be hopeful (76 percent said that the institution of marriage and family life are “extremely important” and 81 percent said that they expected to marry), but trends in their favorable attitudes toward cohabitation and premarital sexual activity belie that hope. Research indicates that cohabiting couples are more likely to experience divorce in a subsequent marriage and premarital sex is likewise related to an increased likelihood of divorce.

A study sponsored by the US Department of Health and Human Services, “Pathways to Adulthood and Marriage,” reveals that the quality of parents’ marriages has an impact on what youths anticipate for their own future, declaring that “Teens’ expectations of what a romantic relationship should be are undoubtedly influenced by the romantic relationships of their parents.” The downward spiral of the nuclear family is, thus, likely to continue, unless the concept of marriage is once again linked to personal responsibility, obligation, and a willingness to sacrifice. In Flanagan’s words,

“The fundamental question we must ask ourselves at the beginning of the century is this: What is the purpose of marriage? Is it—given the game-changing realities of birth control, female equality, and the fact that motherhood outside of marriage is no longer stigmatized—simply an institution that has the capacity to increase the pleasure of the adults who enter into it? If so, we might as well hold the wake now…The current generation of children [is]watching commitments between adults snap like dry twigs and observing parents who simply can’t be bothered to marry each other.”

TIME for a Sober Look at Marriage » The Foundry.

Motherless Children

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A Therapist’s Comments On Grief, Guilt And Anger


By Marc Garson, MSW,ACSW,ACP

Losing a parent, at any age, is difficult and painful. It clearly marks the “end of innocence” for us as children. Our aloneness and vulnerability become painfully clear.

Most of us face this emptiness as a natural consequence of our own aging process. If we are lucky, the tragedy and loss of a parent is forestalled until we have created alternate sources for unconditional love. That often helps us to put the pain into some sort of acceptable perspective.

However, when this type of loss occurs prematurely, there is often no opportunity for reflection, or guides willing and available to help instruct us in a healthy mourning process. So we just react to our misfortune in the best way we can at the moment.

Then as adults, as we raise our own children, the weight of the loss begins to really sink in, especially as we share in our children’s important moments of joy and sadness.


That’s when we again remember that our parent wasn’t there at our recital, or when we broke a leg, or when we first had our first period, our first love, our first baby .

“Momma where were you and why aren’t you here!?!?”

“God, why did you do this to me?!?!”

These types of thoughts and unanswerable questions usually aren’t for the normal “light of day.” They’re the questions in the back of our minds, the ones we don’t ask ourselves anymore.

It’s only when we’re finally sitting with our therapists, complaining of being so fatigued, or of the emotional distance we feel towards our kids or our spouses, or complaining about how little help and support we get — that the picture really begins to come into focus.

She wasn’t there for you when you needed her and it really hurt you, but you were never allowed to let it show. There’s still a part of you that needs to cry about it, that needs to mourn, to feel the loss and vulnerability in order to truly heal.


This is when we need someone to tell us that it’s okay to feel sorry for ourselves. To assure us that we won’t really fall apart and to help us give ourselves permission for what we might think of as gross self-indulgence. Then we can begin to lift the heavy veil of avoidance, which we have used to blind our senses and avoid mourning until now.

The adult orphaned child, who scurries around busying herself with every conceivable errand and chore, being the perfect worker, spouse, and parent, of course has no time for such self-indulgence.

Self-indulgence is the type of word often used to describe what we think (and reinforce ourselves to think) about our permitting ourselves to feel!

How did little Elaine avoid and cope with the pain? She just kept busy and made her mom proud. Her mom probably became like the “Alamo” for her, her own personal rallying cry. Do it for mom — be smart, be good, be beautiful, be nice…you get the picture. She became her own mommy way before her time.


Elaine probably cried herself to sleep on many occasions missing her mom, or would find herself staring at her friends and their parents, wondering, what must it be like? Would she be different, better, more understood if Mom was still around?

And when it comes to protecting her own kids now, no sacrifice is too large.

All of Elaine’s energy has unfortunately been directed towards “not feeling the pain.” Whether it’s chemical dependency, “workaholism,” depression, rage, or an addiction to being busy, they all have one goal in common: not feeling the pain.

One of the key elements for recovery and repair was avoided in this scenario by pushing the pain inducing-feelings and memories away. Ironically, the one thing that we must do in order to really heal and grow is mourn.

When is the right time to do this and how long is normal?

Everyone is different, and all of us heal in different ways. Some need to be alone and remember, others to think and write and others just to talk about it.

Children, who don’t have the varied faculties of expression at their disposal that we do as adults, need to be encouraged to “act-out” their feelings positively through drama, drawing, and listening to others mourn.

But if Elaine couldn’t mourn as a child, it is not too late for her to mourn now. And if she does, she might be surprised at how much she grows, at how much freer she feels.

She might even learn to sit down.

Marc Garson is a clinical psychotherapist with 14 years of clinical experience.

Motherless Children.

American Civil Liberties Union : U.S. Supreme Court Declares Strip Search Of 13-Year-Old Student Unconstitutional

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Ruling In ACLU Case Is Vindication of Students’ Constitutional Rights

CONTACT: (212) 549-2666; media@aclu.org

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Supreme Court today ruled that school officials violated the constitutional rights of a 13-year-old Arizona girl when they strip searched her based on a classmate’s uncorroborated accusation that she previously possessed ibuprofen. The American Civil Liberties Union represents April Redding, the plaintiff in the lawsuit, whose daughter, Savana Redding, was strip searched by Safford Middle School officials six years ago.

“We are pleased that the Supreme Court recognized that school officials had no reason to strip search Savana Redding and that the decision to do so was unconstitutional,” said Adam Wolf, an attorney with the ACLU who argued the case before the Court. “Today’s ruling affirms that schools are not constitutional dead zones. While we are disappointed with the Court’s conclusion that the law was not clear before today and therefore school officials were not found liable, at least other students will not have to go through what Savana experienced.”

Savana Redding, an eighth grade honor roll student at Safford Middle School in Safford, Arizona, was pulled from class on October 8, 2003 by the school’s vice principal, Kerry Wilson. Earlier that day, Wilson had discovered prescription-strength ibuprofen – 400 milligram pills equivalent to two over-the-counter ibuprofen pills, such as Advil – in the possession of Redding’s classmate. Under questioning and faced with punishment, the classmate claimed that Redding, who had no history of disciplinary problems, had given her the pills.

After escorting Redding to his office, Wilson demanded that she consent to a search of her possessions. Redding agreed, wanting to prove she had nothing to hide. Wilson did not inform Redding of the reason for the search. Joined by a female school administrative assistant, Wilson searched Redding’s backpack and found nothing. Instructed by Wilson, the administrative assistant then took Redding to the school nurse’s office in order to perform a strip search.

In the school nurse’s office, Redding was ordered to strip to her underwear. She was then commanded to pull her bra out and to the side, exposing her breasts, and to pull her underwear out at the crotch, exposing her pelvic area. The strip search failed to uncover any ibuprofen pills.

“The strip search was the most humiliating experience I have ever had,” said Redding in a sworn affidavit following the incident. “I held my head down so that they could not see that I was about to cry.”

The strip search was undertaken based solely on the uncorroborated claims of the classmate facing punishment. No attempt was made to corroborate the classmate’s accusations among other students or teachers. No physical evidence suggested that Redding might be in possession of ibuprofen pills or that she was concealing them in her undergarments.

Furthermore, the classmate had not claimed that Redding currently possessed any pills, nor had the classmate given any indication as to where they might be concealed. No attempt was made to contact Redding’s parents prior to conducting the strip search.
In response to today’s ruling, Redding said, “I wanted to make sure that no other person would have to go through this, so I am pleased by the Court’s decision. I’m glad to have helped make students feel safer in school.”

The case, Safford Unified School District v. Redding, was appealed from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, which found the strip search to be unconstitutional. A six-judge majority of the appeals court further held that, since the strip search was clearly unreasonable, the school official who ordered the search is not entitled to immunity. In today’s Supreme Court decision, despite deeming the strip search of Redding unconstitutional, the Court found that the school officials involved are immune from liability. The decision leaves open the possibility, however, that the Safford Unified School district could be held liable.

“Neither the Constitution nor common sense permits school officials to treat a strip search the same as a locker or backpack search,” said Steven R. Shapiro, the ACLU’s national Legal Director. “Today’s ruling eliminates any confusion that school officials may have had about this seemingly obvious point.”

The ACLU and ACLU of Arizona were joined in the case by Bruce Macdonald, with the law firm McNamara, Goldsmith, Jackson & Macdonald, and Andrew Petersen, with the firm Humphrey & Petersen.

In addition, a broad constellation of adolescent health experts and privacy rights advocates filed friend-of-the-court briefs in support of Redding, including the National Education Association, National Association of Social Workers (NASW), CATO Institute, Rutherford Institute, Goldwater Institute and Urban Justice Center, among others.

Today’s decision is available online at: www.aclu.org/drugpolicy/search/40031lgl20090625.html

The ACLU’s brief in the case is available online at: www.aclu.org/scotus/2008term/saffordunifiedschooldistrictv.redding/39160lgl20090325.html


American Civil Liberties Union : U.S. Supreme Court Declares Strip Search Of 13-Year-Old Student Unconstitutional.

What Rights Do Parents Have? – Autism, Vacination and Children

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Victim Families Say Autism-Vaccination Link Painfully Obvious

Attempts at disclosure have been silenced by the government and media, who continually deny that any connection exists. Huge potential liabilities and lost profits are thought to be the primary reason for stonewalling relief for a situation that now effects approximately 1 in 66 families.

by Sterling D. Allan
Greater Things News Service

May 21, 2004

Faith Dyson, Cultural Arts Director for Project America Foundation, does not believe the much-publicized Institute of Medicine report issued on May 18 that claims there is no link between immunizations and autism. Faith agrees with the National Autism Association’s reply that cites “strong clinical evidence from accredited doctors and researchers that suggests otherwise.”

Her 18-month-old twins, Michael and Robert, “screamed for three days” after they received the DPT vaccination. When she called the doctor’s office, the nurse assured her, “That’s a good reaction. The more they scream, the better it’s working.”

Her gut instinct said otherwise. She had read the book Mal(e) Practice by Dr. Robert Mendelson, a Pediatrician who warns about the dangers of vaccinations, especially MMR, which was shown to produce more sickness than what occurred in those not immunized. Leery, she had postponed immunizing her mirror-image-identical twins. But she finally gave in to pressure from her family.

Seeing Michael and Roberts’ reaction to their first shot, she vowed to not give them any more vaccinations. “I didn’t care what my family said.”

After the shots, the twins began to grow non-communicative and withdrawn. At three years of age they were officially diagnosed as having autism. Faith was told she could do nothing to remedy their condition and that she might as well have them institutionalized.

“Over my dead body,” was her response. “I walked out, rolled up my sleeves, and went to work.”

That was twenty years ago.

Studying everything she could, and implementing what she learned to the best of her ability, she was able to see a considerable recovery in her sons. She home schooled them, treated them as normal as she could, fostered their creativity. Involvement in Irish music played a significant role in their recovery.

“They are not retarded. They know what is happening around them. It’s just that they were severely hindered in being able to express themselves.”

Faith believes that her sons condition would have been more severe if she had given them the full regimen of vaccinations prescribed by her doctor when the Michael and Robert were young.

By the age of 19, they were nearly independent enough to live on their own. “You would not think there was anything unusual about them, to look at them — just when they spoke.” They were being trained to work in a local video store and did their own grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning. Though their language was not fluent, “they could communicate well enough to express their needs.”

During this time, Faith separated from her husband who was ill and unable to care for the family. She moved to a more economically conducive area of the country where she might support the family. It was during this time that she lost her legally competent, adult sons to the Division of Social Services (DSS) when an aunt and uncle who were taking care of them for the first time ever, and only for a brief weekend, fraudulently turned them over to Social Services, claiming they were the primary care givers.

That was four years ago.

“DSS has since violated the twin’s civil rights by denying their documented demand to leave,” said Faith. “The state of Maryland has stubbornly refused to release my sons who, as Virginia citizens with two very acceptable homes in which to live, are not even eligible for their services. No charges of abuse or neglect have been filed against anyone in the family. My sons are Virginia citizens, not even eligible for Maryland tax-payer’s monies or federal tax-monies for that state’s care. That makes their crime Federal Fraud.”

States receive $40,000 a year for each disabled person in the care of social services. The price for non disabled in their care is $30,000 per year. They receive $6,000 per disabled child adopted out, and $4,000 per non-disabled child adopted out — however many times they get adopted out.

Faith says the Human Care industry “is now big business.” Foster Care in the United States “did over 12 billion dollars last year. Not only are the neurotypical children affected by this inter-connected fraud, but so too are particularly the disabled, and elderly made a prey regardless of age.”

“The pharmaceutical companies, local Social Services offices, and crooked social workers are the big winners in this state orchestrated lottery. The state and federal governments are creating their own means of support through the autism epidemic, forced drugging, and state care fraud.”

“Why would the Federal government want to investigate fraudulent state care practices, or fund the research necessary to find the cure and fund the services that would recover an autistic, when the disabled have become one of the most profitable commodities?”

No matter where she has turned, from every level of government to most every level of mainstream media, she is ignored, and her sons “are denied justice and freedom.”

Ironically, Senator Roy Dyson is a cousin of Michael and Robert, who are being held in his district. Faith comments that “this highlights just how much politicians want to look the other way and pretend that none of it is happening. He won’t protect his own flesh and blood from state corruption.”

She is not alone in this situation.

Nor is she the only one who has an Erin Brockovich disposition to not stop until remedy is found. Faith can cite just two mainstream journalists that have been friendly to the cause, not just in talk but in writing, including Kelly O’Meara of Insight magazine, and Melissa Ross of First Coast News in Florida.

Faith also cites a stream of organizations that have sprung up over the years to carry various facets of the cause. Their memberships number in the hundreds and thousands.

In her studies, and quest to find answers — not just for the cure but for the cause and for financial remedy for her son’s predicament — she has crossed paths personally with “at least a hundred” other families who have autistic children. “Almost all of them” likewise identify a connection between the immunization and the autism in their own situation. It is generally a given.

Much fewer of these parents have their children forcibly taken away by social services as hers were, “but the trend is increasing,” she said, if anything because of a rise in the number of incidences of autism.

According to VaccinationNews.com, “In the years between 1970 and the late ’90s, the autism rates in America rose from 1 in 10,000 children to 1 in 166.” The US Department of Education data on autism in children shows that in the decade between 1992 and 2002, the rate of autism was up an average of 1,000 percent in all 50 states.

Dr. Bernard Rimland of the Autism Research Institute says, “It is conservatively estimated that nearly 400,000 people in the United States have some form of autism — the third most common developmental disability.”

Faith sees the epidemic eventually growing to a point that all will be affected and not enough will be left able to serve in the military or run the country.

The vicious cycle is fueled because Social Services, “who are a law unto themselves,” gain major funding for each child taken into their care. They get more for the disabled.

Raymond Gallup, Founder and President of Autism Autoimmunity Project couldn’t physically handle the 24-7 care his six-foot-two son, Eric, would need. The power full-grown autistics convey during an autistic meltdown is frightening. New Jersey told Mr. & Mrs. Gallup the only way they could get their help was if they gave guardianship over to the state. Eric’s medical care and visitations would be subject to the state’s control, and the state would then receive the means to care for Eric, while his parents were denied all contact. Under state care the Gallups would no longer be able to see their son when they wanted, nor would they be able to properly direct his needs.

This option was “the only recourse,” they were told. When the Gallups rejected these requirements, the state forcibly intervened with a threatened lawsuit if they did not place Eric in a psychiatric hospital. They reluctantly acquiesced. More recently, the Gallups have been able to have Eric released to go to Kennedy Kreiger Institute in Baltimore for proper behavior modification programs.

John Travolta is one of the spokespersons for Autism Autoimmunity Project, recognized on their website, where Ray Gallup’s name is listed at the top, among dozens named as part of the project. The names include many M.D.s and Ph.D.s. Yet Ramond Gallup is treated as a mal-suited parent by the state.

When asked why the government or media will not intervene, Faith can only speculate. What she does know is that she has “not found one politician willing to tell the truth or investigate.”

She watched closely as Congressional hearings took place on the matter, and was astounded when at the end the vaccine-autism link was denied.

“There is a lot of money involved,” both in the administration of vaccinations, as well as in “the potential liabilities that the state would incur” if found to have been negligent. The False Claims Act stipulates that for every false claim given to the federal government for federal monies to house a child that doesn’t need to be in the system, a fine of up to $10,000 is to be imposed. This is called Qui Tam or The Whistleblower’s Law, but not because it favors a whistleblower. “The Catch 22 in this law,” says Faith, “is that if the parents have their story published, then the state will not be fined at all.”

“The parents are terrified,” she said. They are led to believe that they are not allowed to speak out.

“Governor Robert L. Ehrlich of Maryland has ordered all of the police officers to not investigate anything that takes place relating to the Division of Social Services activities. When asked to do something about the plight of those wrongfully taken and those who need assistance, his administration replied to Faith that he has “no power over any of the offices beneath him.” She said the administration before him had a similar policy in place.

A call to Governor Ehrlich’s office to verify this sentiment led to a run-around of forwarding to different agencies and no returned call.

“I don’t know of any governor who has responded any differently,” she said.

A congressional hearing is being planned whereby parents may convey their stories of abuse at the hands of social services wrongfully taking children and elderly. The irony is that in bringing forward their stories into this public venue, they lose their right to a remedy award because of the above “self-serving” law designed to gag disclosure.

Faith says judges also intimidate parents, placing gag orders on them, while their cases are being considered, and then rule against the parents anyway. She has recently learned that the immunity that the judges appear to have is not well founded, and she plans to begin challenging their right to be on the bench. She is working with Gregory Romeo, Founder of the Tulsa Area Father’s Rights Association and the National Coordinator, International Liaison of the Million Dad’s March, to pursue legal remedies against patsy judges who rule by politics, not principle.

He references Title 22, OS, Section 1181, Removal of Officers, which states that “Any officer not subject to impeachment elected or appointed to any state, county, township, city, town, or other office under the laws of the state may, in the manner provided in this article, be removed from office for any of the following causes: First. Habitual or willful neglect of duty. Second. Gross partiality in office. Third. Oppression in office. Fourth. Corruption in office.”

Romeo further said, “In the situation of your sons, it would be extremely powerful for you to draft a letter of demand to those that are in official capacity within not only the State of Oklahoma, but in Maryland as well as any person working in the positions as described by law.”

“Put them on notice that these fraud schemes have occurred and by issuing a letter of demand, you have lined them up to either perform their duties as per their oath, or, by their neglect to do so, have ‘willfully neglected their duties’, which is an indictable offense but in most cases will alert them that they are in a position to either act on your behalf, or enjoin the crimes your have pointed out, merely by willful failure of duty to solve these matters as per their position in office.”

While “conspiracy” is a word and concept that is immediately shunned by mainstream press, Faith is privy first-hand to less-than-honest brokering behind the scenes.

Her late husband, Robert Dyson, who was a manager for a limo transport company, MTM Inc., based in Arlington, chauffeured once for Ben Burns, former governor of Texas. He bragged to Dyson that he was the one who arranged for George W. Bush to get out of serving in active duty while in the National Guard.

“I don’t have any evidence to prove that this conversation took place, but I remember well when he came home from work and told me about what he had heard that day,” said Faith. “Now we find that Bush is apparently involved with Eli Lily, the manufacturer of Thimerosal.”

History is not absent a precedence for politicians and journalists being bought for a price. The greater the potential for fallout, the more tightly the controls are put in place to secure the territory.

Instead of reporting the stories of the victims, who have volumes of documentation, the media reports the stories of the scientists who claim to have done studies that show no link between immunizations and autism.

The National Autism Association is seeking to expose and fight a provision that was added in the middle of the night to the Homeland Security Bill and would absolve Eli Lilly of any law suits for poisoning kids with mercury laced vaccines.

With no professional scientific training, Faith believes she is quite close to being able to connect the dots on one of the reasons the immunizations lead to autism.

According to the FDA, Thimerosal is a mercury-containing organic preservative used to prevent microbial contamination of drugs, including vaccines.

Responding to the May 18 IOM report denying a vaccination-autism link, Dr. Alan D. Clark and Lujene G. Clark, both of NoMurcury.org, said:

“…After reviewing hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific papers, we can say unequivocally, the scientific, clinical and biological evidence; including toxicological, chemical and pharmacological data, shows a strong relationship between Thimerosal, a known neurotoxin, and neurodevelopmental disorders.”

Faith points out that mercury poisoning has been implicated in a number of diseases. Mad-hatter’s disease in the 1800s was shown to be caused by the mercury contained in the lining of men’s hats. Japanese children were shown to be getting ill from the mercury levels in fish. Mercury fillings in teeth have been shown to have various ill health consequences.

Mercury apparently effects the calcium-phosphorous balance in the body. This imbalance could be at the root of the physiological malfunction of the nerve system in the brain that enables a person to respond to stimulus. This Ca-P imbalance also can be shown to be associated with the leaky-gut syndrome also seen in some autistic cases.

The developmental stage of the child’s brain at the time the vaccinations are typically given could be the prime link. That portion of the brain that handles sensory feedback and response is in active development at the same time period the Thimerosal/mercury-laden vaccinations are prescribed.

Auto-immunity could also be involved, the body’s immune system turning on itself during this crucial time of development.

Because the government denies any link between vaccinations and autism, funding for objective research is likewise restrained.

Lorenzo’s Oil is one of Faith’s favorite movies.

If science isn’t going to help her, then she will dig out the answer herself if she has to. But she is not alone. There are many parents on the same quest. They will not take no for an answer. It’s their child that is sick. You don’t mess with momma bear.

“Mothers from Hell,” is a name adopted by one organization involved in the battle to receive proper care and services for disabled children.


Original article can be found here: http://greaterthings.com/News/daily/2004/05/21/autism-vaccination_link/


National Autism Association