Parental Alienation and Malicious Mom Syndrome get CBS “Flashpoint” Attention

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June 26 2010.

The strident views of the “abusers getting custody” are losing ground in Family Courts across the country.

Just last night, I watched an episode of “Flashpoint” in which a mom kidnaps her children, and the officers in pursuit actually use the terms “Parental Alienation” and “Malicious Mom Syndrome”


Unfortunately, they drag the dad to the scene in handcuffs.  The mom conspires with the boyfriend to kidnap the kids, and almost gets away with it as she hold the police off with a gun.  And to keep story more confusing, the police drag the dad to the scene in handcuffs.  Why?  Because he punches out mom’s lawyer for conspiring to take the kids.

However with those familiar with the term “protective parent” know that in the 1980 a group of Underground Parents who specialized in kidnapping children for Munchhausen Mommies

This scene still takes place in family courts today, as abusive parents make false allegations in court, and kidnap children.

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