Effects of Parental Alienation Syndrome On Children

In Family Rights on November 18, 2009 at 12:49 am

Effects of Parental Alienation Syndrome On Children

Some people believe Parental Alienation Syndrome is used as an instrument by abusive fathers to control the courts. These people are blind to the reality of Parental Alienation Syndrome. Most fathers are good loving care providers and the child responds to this by enjoying a secure relationship with its father. A child that lives with a Parental Alienator can go from having a well-built bond with its father one day, to refusing to speak to him the next. This abrupt switch is the ’syndrome’. The child aligns itself with the custodial parent and disrespects or cuts off the targeted parent completely.

  1. this is absolutely correct!! This is exactly what happened to my husband, so much so that he hadn’t spoken to his son for about 3 yrs prior to his (my husband’s) death, and the parting words of his daughter about 2 yrs before he died were, “Why don’t you just f**k off!” My husband did ALL that he could to see his children, including put up with BS, and there was A LOT of it, from his ex.

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