Parental Alienation and REAL v. FALSE Allegations of Abuse

In Family Rights on November 11, 2009 at 12:45 pm

In my current research into the Parental Alienation and the Abusers that Alienate in Family court, I came across a funny article, of course, totally full of feminist bullshit and lies . It doesn’t bear printing again.

The American Procescutors Research Institute, which does not prosecute in Family Law cases, published some kind of article full of half truths and outright lies in 2003.  It was full of  half truths and disinformation about Parental Alienation and it use in Real child abuse.

The article writers refused to disclose which feminist group funded them to research the article, but afterwards they handed it off to the National District Attorney’s Association with feminist blessings.  In other words, they were paid off by an unknown feminist group to write this article.    Michael Flood did the same.

Just like Michael Flood has refused to disclose the research on his article in Australia,  this article was another bogus attempt to incorporate feminist “victim” idelogy into mainstream thinking.

Here in California, the American Psychological Association and the California chapter of the same, recognize Parental Alienation for what it truly is.  Child Abuse by Abusing Parents.  Thank God, that 3 straight years in a row, the Abusers that keep trying to outlaw its use get handed their hats and kicked out of Sacramento.

I wonder which, legislator these haters will con this year into their anti-Parental Alienation crap??  The Family Law section of the Bar, and the Judges Association and the APA in California recognize Parental Alienation as real, valid and the abuse-excuse that liars use to take children away.

The  feminist writers of this APRI article live in a pot-smoke-filled world since people who make allegations of abuse and call their spouses “abusers” deserve to be in jail.

This bogus organization, the American Prosecutor Research Insitutie,  does NOTHING in family law where these false allegations are made.  Only in criminal court where real child abuse is prosecuted.

REAL allegatons of child abuse (all types) are made in criminal court.

FALSE allegations of child abuse (all types) are made in family court.

That is why women (and a few men) who make Fales Allegations and start the cycle of Parental Alienation in family court.  They know they can get away with them.

If you make an false allegation to a police office or law enforcement, the jails would be full of lying moms.   And maybe some dads that lie, too.

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