OfficialWire: Open Letter To President Obama And First Lady Michelle

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This an excellent plea and letter to the President and First Lady to help end Parental Abduction and Parental Alienation worldwide. – Parental Rights

Open Letter To President Obama And First Lady Michelle

International and USA child kidnapping and abuse

Published on September 05, 2009

by MrPressRelease.com

(MrPressRelease.com and OfficialWire)


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Mr. President and First Lady Michelle,

We have a world wide problem that we would like you to be aware of, which affects all children and families of every age, race and faith. The problem is parental kidnapping (abduction) and alienation which is being completely ignored by the government and vested interest groups.

Parental Kidnapping (Abduction) has been in existence since I STARTED IN 1974. Grants for missing children are only for stranger abduction but not for parental child kidnapping. We do now have in place a grassroots civil rights movement to exploit the crisis, which is an opportunity to save children from abuse. Innocent parents are being thrown into jail based on false allegations and hearsay evidence.

Children are being kidnapped and held against their will and are being brainwashed. Children are suffering – being denied the right to see their other parent – and being taught to hate them. Both children and left behind parents are victims whilst the kidnappers are being protected by the State and denied their rights.

  1. The health care system is being drained because of the problem that arises from this abuse.
  2. This abuse is perpetual – abused children repeat this cycle of abuse. We need to end this – now.
  3. Parental abduction is the source of many social problems which manifest into painful human abuse.
  4. Suicide, mental illness, sexually abused, physically abused, murdered, alcoholics, drug addicted prostitutes. These issues affect both boys and girls – of all nationalities and social class.
  5. The United States is one of only two countries in the world that have not ratified the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). Somalia—a country without an internationally-recognized government—is the other. (Ref : Amnesty International)
  6. The barriers are the lawyers that turn the parental kidnapping cases into custody cases which generate huge profits for them and bankrupt the parents.  This is unacceptable.
  7. The parents resources, wages, house, cars go up in smoke and they end up in poverty.
  8. Children and parent’s human rights are taken away, never to see their children again.

The US Constitution – which all public officials pledge allegiance – enforces a fiduciary and legal responsibility to protect citizens. The abuse of children to generate profits has no place in a civilized and mature democracy like the United States – let alone in this world. We urge you to work with us to eradicate this cancer of abuse as it is damaging thousands of children and parents each week. It is patriotic and humanitarian as a human being to prevent all forms of abuse.

As a victim of stranger abduction and the parental abduction of my son I , Marianne Malky have spent over 34 years to expose and educate on this very issue. I have listened to over 2,000 cases. The voices of the children are being silenced. Our group of charities (list attached) has a common purpose – to reunite the abducted children with both parents.  We cannot remain in denial while children are being abused. We need to lead where others remain in denial and fearful to expose this crime.  We, the people, have a duty to expose and end this cycle of abuse. We like to meet you to enact solutions as this is an International crisis.

Yours sincerely,

Marianne Malky


USA Contact : Marianne Malky ( Founder and President)

Toll Free: +1-800-28 HELPME (800-284-3576) |
Other Phone: +1-561-586-8515
email : mvoice4@aol.com | For information: www.voiceforthechildren.com

Voice for the Children, Inc. (USA Charity)
411 Wilder St., West Palm Beach,  FL 33405, United States

United Kingdom (UK) Contact :
Thana Narashiman (Volunteer)
Tel : + 44-(0)791-88-39-43

OfficialWire: Open Letter To President Obama And First Lady Michelle.

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