I Love When Step Moms Speak Out!!! You Go Girl !!!

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I was MEGA tempted

to just throw away that football schedule complete with scripted notes from the two oldest skids!! I’m the one who gets the mail and does all the paperwork; bill paying, etc.

But I knew if I did it would come back to bite me in a serious way.

It’s like a breakup that never ends. Here the girhippo has told the older two (SS stb 13 and SS stb 11) LAST YEAR at this time that they don’t have to come to visitation; they proved they were only interested in ‘coming to collect’ xmas, b-day presents, etc.

So BF, being “one of those dads” that doesn’t want to FORCE his kids to come to visitation; let the older two OPT OUT. They were making demands of eating out at every meal, no chores, mall sprees, etc. and we just couldn’t do it money wise (the gir and slan bring home about three times the amount of money that we do plus they have no homeowner expenses b/c they rent a trailer)

So now this “teaser” to have him come to games and continue the manipulation really gets on my last nerve. It’s total manipulation b/c the gir KNOWS that BF LOVES sports and is very proud of his skid’s sports participation (to the complete abandonment of academics; all three skids make low “D”s and “F”s in all the “real” subjects)

The gir makes a PRETENSE of shared parenting and cooperation to all onlookers and I think this CRAP just continues the FARCE!

Ideally BF should hold her in contempt and exercise his parental rights to visitation, but he knows the gir would just wage war that much harder (she knows all the court officials, judges, school admins, etc. on a first name basis as she works for CPS and it’s her hometown)
She is determined to put him through hell for divorcing her and “abandoning” the children; oh how she LOVES to play the “victim.”

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seriously manipulator

I’m very proud of your restraint that you were able to keep from crumpling up that shit and throwing it in the garbage. I myself have been in that position of power and sometimes am not so successful! It never ceases to amaze me how much power the gir has. It boggles the mind.

The thing that impresses me most about America is the way parents obey their children. ~Edward, Duke of Windsor, Look, 5 March 1957

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The only thing that kept me from throwing it in the burn pile

Was the odd chance that gir would test and say “did you get the schedule” If BF said “what schedule” then she would know I threw it out or am “screening” the mail.

Now mind you the gir has REFUSED our mail before. . .hmmmm

Reserve Capital Punishment for Guilt Parenting and PASinators

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Long as . . .

you don’t have to go watch the games, it might be a good way to get DH and Droopy out of your hair if games fall on the Saturdays when you have him.

I remain, the world’s most evil stepmom; ask anyone.

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Well I like to show up sometimes

Just to show that I’m in the picture STILL! The gir and skids would love nothing more than BF to dump me and start spending 100% on skids; problem is without my salary, BF wouldnt’ be able to afford the gas to get to said games.

They like the “look” of LONELY BF standing at the games and pining after his “long lost” children who demand the moon; you know the children he gave up because of being with “that whore” (aka ME!)

The gir has always forced the skids to choose either her and the slan or BF and me. She loves it when BF comes to the games by his lonesome so she can say to the skids “SEEEEE I told you daddy’s having a rough, lonely time right now and that whore doesn’t even care about your games!”

Reserve Capital Punishment for Guilt Parenting and PASinators

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Hmmm… is that manipulation I’m smelling?

It sure is.

Complete manipulation on Girhippo’s part, and BF is falling for it. He SHOULD fight for his visitation rights because by not doing so, it’s just showing Gir that she can walk all over him.

But I understand the whole BM having the court system wrapped around her slimy finger.

Warthog was able to put DH in jail by accusing him of running her over with the car. Actually what had happened was DH was driving BM back to her dad’s house and she jumped out the car because she didn’t wanted to go there. But since BM knows all the judges and every cop in town because I’m sure she’s given them a few sexual favors, they all listen to her side of the story and care not for DH’s.

“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” Dr. Seuss

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If I were BF I wouldnt’ go to the games because:

1. BF wasn’t consulted about it

2. It’s wrong to enroll a girl (who isn’t athletic in the least) in boy’s football just for attention; she’s going to be a TARGET b/c she is VERY BOSSY and SARCASTIC!

3. The skids are on the verge of failing academics EVERY semester

4. They don’t want to come to visitation so basically they are getting quasi “visitation” on THEIR TERMS again

But meek little BF will go to the games like a lamb to the slaughter; too bad he doesn’t put his “foot down” with them as he ALWAYS is with ME!!!

Reserve Capital Punishment for Guilt Parenting and PASinators

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I was MEGA tempted | Step Talk.

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