Womens Legal Resource » Governor Schwarzeneger is right about cutting DV funding

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Governor Schwarzeneger is right about cutting DV funding

gsOkay, with all the chaos floating around about how wrong Governor Schwarzenegger is for cutting or vetoing Domestic Violence funding all together I have to say he is right on point.  I never thought I would agree, however, I am coming from the victim point of view.

I reached out to get help from dv coalitions, who refused to help me.  For what I am about to say isn’t going to sit well with people, but I am sorry, I didn’t get help, Heather Thompson didn’t get help and was basically battered by her local coalition to stay away and was told if she didn’t they would file a restraining order against her. Yes, that’s right, a restraining order against a victim of domestic violence begging for help. Maria Phelps, a victim who resides in New York, has been following protocol and filling out forms that are required to receive help and the folks in New York, pull her chain on daily basis. What kind of hoops does one have to jump through to get their needs met from those who claim to help. Claudia Valenciana, a former Ventura County Sheriffs Deputy was turned away from the Coalition to End FamilyViolence in Oxnard. Alexis A. Moore was refused help simply because of the profession her abuser was in and she ended up living in her car, is this what the states money is funding?  Survivors In Action has started a petition for Domestic Violence Reform, we are calling you out and believe us when we say, this is serious.

Thousands of victims of domestic violence have been refused help.  In California alone, there are many, most are afraid to speak up. This what I feel is the threat of Governor Schwarzenegger’s veto, this means the salaries of the big wigs who work at these coalitions are going to be cut. They won’t be able to drive around in their nice cars or buy their fancy clothes to wear to State Capital hearings.

I understand that Tara Shabbaz of the California Partnership To End Domestic Violence spoke out about what a travesty this would be. I didn’t see anything on their website. Perhaps Tara, your salary is in jeopardy of being cut, are  you getting a little worried that you and other executives will be hurting and that you may not be able to pay your rent, make a car payment or a utility payment, well maybe this is a sign that you may have to suffer like the rest of us? I think this is exactly what should happen. While you sit in your cushy office, victims ARE SUFFERING.

Below is the statement from the Governors budget I just received this morning:

“The effect of my action reflects the deletion of various legislative restorations for public health local assistance programs to increase the reserve and to reduce the state’s structural deficit, consistent with my May Revision proposals. When making these difficult reductions to important program services, I have sought to protect the continued delivery of drug therapies to low-income individuals living with HIV and thus retained funding for the AIDS Drug Assistance Program.

Specifically, I am eliminating:

• $52,133,000 General Fund for various programs administered by the Office of AIDS:
Education and Prevention, Therapeutic Monitoring, Counseling and Testing, Early
Intervention, Home and Community Based Care, and Housing,
• $16,337,000 General Fund for the Domestic Violence Program,
• $9,000,000 General Fund for the Adolescent Family Life Program, and
• $3,003,000 General Fund for the Black Infant Health Program.”

Obviously, there are programs for AIDS and I don’t agree with cutting.  But for the rest, if these programs are not helping those who need it, then cut it. California is in crisis.  I can’t feel sorry for the Domestic Violence programs, they didn’t help me when I needed it, so I can’t be supportive and fight for something that turned me away.

The national coalitions created a petition to change Domestic Violence Awareness from October to May. The real reason behind that proposed change, Cancer Awareness is in October and it would take the “thunder” away from Domestic Violence awareness. Come on! Really? Awareness should be on a daily basis, not just once a year. This proposed date change would cost millions and how would they pay for it, through the funding they get on a federal and state level. Okay, California can’t afford the toilet paper to wipe their asses with, but let’s spend their money on changing the date of awareness.

Now that the Governor has vetoed the funding for Domestic Violence, let’s call an audit of funds to see where they these organizations have spending the states money. (((((AUDIT)))))

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I spent five years in court on my divorce. During those five years I have seen Judicial Corruption and Judicial Misconduct concerning domestic violence and child custody. Since I did not have adequate accessibility to legal respresentation, I enrolled in a paralegal program and educated myself on how to research law and how to write legal documents in order to represent myself in a court of law. I was treated less than favorably and often was taken advantage of by lawyers who represented my daughters father. As an advocate, I feel it is necessary to share what I have learned to empower all women to stand strong and not to be intimidated by the legal system.


Womens Legal Resource » Governor Schwarzeneger is right about cutting DV funding.

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