Another ‘fat’ child removed from parents, is it the right thing to do? by Bob Toovey

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This happened in Contra Costa County, California about 10 years ago, but I am sure it happened many times over in other states and counties.
Because of the amount of money the federal governemtn gives to these odious agencies,  if you have a fat kid, the government can take him away and violate the child’s and your parental rights.
This constitutes abuse of power by the government.  Maybe we should take some of the fat CPS social workers mommas off the street and lock them up for child abuse.  And then bar then from fast food joints forever.   Pigs.

Bob Toovey Yesterday

The Examiner website has an article by Brenda Patterson that discusses how a mother had her child removed due to his weight. She also faces criminal charges. The boy aged fourteen weighed 555 pounds. Using a 3 figure number makes it sound scarily heavy however it is also 251.74 kilos or 39.64 stones.

From the article Is mom abusive if child is overweight?

“…a South Carolina mother was arrested in June for criminal neglect — because her fourteen year old son weighed a disturbing 555 pounds. The boy was moved to foster care, and she is facing a criminal trial.”

I don’t think there is much argument that the boy was to heavy for his age, my question is, should it be called abuse and does it help to have the boy removed from his home? Will criminal charges help?

We have documented other cases where children have been removed but is it really the right thing to do?

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Another ‘fat’ child removed from parents, is it the right thing to do? by Bob Toovey.

  1. When Things Go Wrong We Blame Mama and in this case, we should! This may not be a case of malicious intent but there is no doubt that it is gross negligence. Clearly, “It’s Mama’s Fault!” There is absolutely no excuse for this blatant disregard for healthy living. I guarantee the father is not around and the mother has some insecurity issues. I do not need to know the whole story to know that this one reeks the stench of plain old bad parenting. Yea, this mother is incompetent and; NO, the state probably can’t do a better job but do you just let the kid stay there and die? I write about Illegitimate Births, Unwed Mothers and their children “Doomed to Repeat the Cycle.” ( In this case, this kid will be dead before 18, without a tremendous amount of outside intervention! He won’t need to worry about repeating anything.

    Will criminal charges help? No, not this child nor will it deter future parents from repeating this type of abuse. Let’s face it people, some people do not need to be parents. The only solution is to PREVENT the cycle from beginning, from the beginning… of life. This situation, like so many others, is a case of everyone shocked AFTER-THE-FACT instead of PREVENTING the problem from occurring in the first place. –Lex Drás

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