Speakers on Parental Alienation at We the People Fest In Washington D.C. | Coshocton Tribune

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Local group to speak in D.C.

COSHOCTON – C.A.S.O.O. and founder L Wilson will speak at the upcoming We The People Fest in Washington D.C. for the second year.

Last year the group attended and held a vigil for children who died while in the care of Children Services across the country. They rallied in Ohio for reform on the issue including Coshocton to create awareness and placed a video on the Internet called No Place To Hide upon returning from D.C.

The issue of parental and children alienation syndrome has grown and thousands are expected to attend this event with more than 100 speakers from across the country speaking and 18 different bands attending to play music in the range of Hip Hop and Christian Music.

The group will hold candle vigils for the three day event held July 16-19 at Senate Park and Capitol Hill Park.

via BRIEFS | coshoctontribune.com | Coshocton Tribune.

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