State orders audit of Marin family court – San Jose Mercury News

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Once again, we have the Center of Judicial Excellence conning another legislator to commit obstruction of justice in the name of fairness, but for those who have been following the CJE for a while, it is another example of the anti-male bias, and the rabid hate bias against men who win custody in Marin County Family Courts.

Several weeks ago, the CJE “sponsored” another official “investigation” of Marin county courts at the Alameda County Conference Center, with exhibits, and their male-biased video called “Family Court Crisis. The also quote for a report source which claims that 58,000 children are left with “abusers.” However the source reports even tells you, “No one knows the exact number of children who are left in the unprotected care of an abusive parent following their parents’ divorce. The Leadership Council has studied the problem and using the best available research has attempted to come up with a conservative estimate of the problem. We estimate that each year, 58,500 minor children are placed at risk for injury because the courts ordered them into the unsupervised care of a violent parent.” So in other words, no Proper Scientific, Law Enforcement, Accurate Statistical figures. Just a fricking “Guesstimate” Like counting grains of sand in a gallon jar.

I have personally seen this crap, biased video, and it is an hour-long rant trashing Parental Alienation. In the video, mostly featuring moms, and a couple “token males”, they use total anecdotal evidence and fear tactics to try to make the case against men having custody of children. It has the same stink that associated with the “Breaking the Silence” garbage video that was trashed on PBS a few years ago. Male-bashing crap. See David Usher’s expose on the film and the Conspiracy to create this piece of crap by Berkeley attorney Meera Fox.

For experts and court attorneys, Parental Alienation is recognized in almost every jurisdiction in the United States describing the actions of a parent who deliberately turns a child against the non-custodial parents.

And now we have California Sen. Mark Leno of San Francisco is joining in attempting to alter the course of justice, and use improper legislative action to pervert the course of justice in Marin County. Apparently, they will investigate Marin and Sacramento Counties, where a bunch of false-accusing moms lost their kids in family court.

State orders audit of Marin family court

By Gary Klien
MediaNews staff

NOVATO — Prodded by Sen. Mark Leno and other lawmakers, the state Joint Legislative Audit Committee voted Wednesday to investigate the family courts in Marin and Sacramento counties.

The audit will focus on the use, and potential misuse, of court-appointed specialists in family-law disputes, such as mediators, investigators and therapists.

Critics say such appointees can form incestuous and incompetent networks more concerned with generating fees than helping children through painful custody fights.

“It becomes a service mill, a cottage industry of sorts,” Leno said Wednesday. “Maybe state law needs to be changed.”

Marin and Sacramento counties were chosen for the audit because of the number of litigants reporting problems and filing complaints, said Ali Bay, a spokeswoman for Leno. But any changes recommended by the auditors could inspire new statewide legislation.

The audit is expected to take four months and cost about $160,000. The start date has not been determined.

Leno said that because of the state budget crisis, the audit committee — which consists of seven assembly members and seven senators — could only approve two audits Wednesday. Six were under consideration, he said.

Leno, a Democrat representing Marin and parts of San Francisco and Sonoma County, said the committee voted unanimously for the family court audit, demonstrating the widespread doubts about the system.

“Peopleare concerned the health and well-being of children might be at risk,” Leno said. “I’ve had mothers and fathers in tears in my office, telling me their sad stories. Minimally, we have to look into this and see what the truth is.”

The audit was approved two months after Marin Superior Court issued a report extolling its efforts to increase public confidence in its family-law division. The changes followed a turbulent decade for the family court, whose critics launched a fierce but unsuccessful recall campaign against several judges and a former district attorney.

To improve the system, the court announced, officials cleared a backlog of 1,500 stalled family law cases; translated legal forms and instructions in Spanish; conducted a public survey on court performance; and established a special twice-monthly calendar to help litigants who are representing themselves, according to the report.

But the report still didn’t address the core issue of the mediators and other specialists appointed to advise the courts, said Kathleen Russell of the Center for Judicial Excellence, a Marin watchdog organization.

“Needless to say, we’re thrilled that we had such unanimous support from the committee for the audit request,” Russell said. “We spent 17 months working with legislators to educate them about the problems. It’s really the end of a long journey, but we’ll be working with the auditors as well.”

The state auditors are expected to investigate how court appointees are selected, how they are trained and evaluated, how their fees are established, and how complaints against them are resolved, among other issues.

Judge Verna Adams, a former divorce lawyer who is Marin’s presiding judge, said she welcomes the audit because it could clear the record and instill more confidence in the court.

“We’re happy to have this happen,” Adams said. “We really would welcome a well-designed, professional review of our family law procedures.

“We’re confident that we’re following the law. If they want to do an audit of best practices, Marin is the best place for them to be.”

State orders audit of Marin family court – San Jose Mercury News.

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