Mom’s House, Dad’s House – Two Books on Divorce

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For Kids on divorce, stepfamilies, and staying strong

Parents, if you only read one book about divorce and stepfamilies,
make it this one!

This wonderful book is a quick but profound read for parents, a lifesaving handbook for kids. Find immediate, concrete, and practical solutions! Get an inside look at how to reduce anxiety, accept family changes, encourage skill building, self-esteem, resilience and family teamwork. It’s alive with examples, stories, tips, ways to solve problems and “words to try”. 20 Chapters, 271 pages.

See “Kids and Parents” for more information






Mom’s House, Dad’s House.

For Parents on divorce, children,
custody, and Parenting Plans

This classic guide can help you and your family heal

Often called “the bible”, this is the comprehensive guide that people return to again and again. The latest edition has 5 more chapters and 100 additional pages on family law, custody, dealing with the other parent, mediation, Parenting Plans, meeting children’s needs, one and two homes, building family strengths, and much more. 20 Chapters, 8 Appendices, 381 pages.

See “Parents” for more information

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