Save the Males – Book Review

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Dedicated to preservation of Western civilization and the nuclear family through restoration of traditional manly virtues, “Save The Males” presents the other side of the gender issues coin through the prism of a moral male viewpoint. Thoroughly researched and buttressed with facts, this book explores the root causes of our decaying civilization. The thesis that restoration of equal rights and dignity for the male sex is the best hope for salvation of civilization is demonstrated via use of ‘metric’ benchmarks.

A growing number of men today are deprived of the very motivation that promotes civilized behavior by politically correct feminist dogma, which dominates society and the legal establishment.

Families and children are collateral victims of damage to men.

Strike a blow for men’s/fathers’ rights, and yours – Buy in paperback or download!

Soft cover print version available at (Click here) or (Click on book cover) Lulu will be faster.

eBook available at (Click on book cover).

266 pages, Copyright 2008 ISBN 978-1-4116-9633-4

via Men’s Defense Association – HOME.


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