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27 March, 2009 (04:06) | Reflections | By: chrissy

Yesterday was my brothers birthday. This is a letter of love to my brother, Carlo DiFebbo Jr. I have missed time with you in the later years and I want you to know that I wish you the best. It breaks my heart not to be there with you on your special day. I long to say I love you or even Happy Birthday and chuckle. Today is your day and a day to celebrate your life. I have held on to the day where I can give you a hug. Someday I say all the time but when is that day. I miss you and Anthony and I know it is hard to be in the postion you are in. As the day passed on you where on my mind and what you would be doing on the day of your birth. You are no longer a boy but a man with a family of your own. Today your older sister wishes you a birthday filled with love, peace, and happiness. I wish I could be with you but I have learned I have to love you from a distance. That love for you and Anthony never goes away nor is it reduced because you are not physically present. I’m always here for you and never will I quit thinking one day we will sit around and laugh as siblings do. I love you CJ and I want to say Happy Birthday even if it’s in a blog. I love you and forever will know the bond we shared!


Parental Alienation:

…is any behavior by a parent, a child’s mother or father, whether conscious or unconscious, that could create alienation in the relationship between a child and the other parent. Parental alienation can be mild and temporary or extreme and ongoing. Most researchers believe that any alienation of a child against (the child’s) other parent is harmful to the child and to the target parent. Extreme, obsessive, and ongoing parental alienation can cause terrible psychological damage to children extending well into adulthood. Parental Alienation focuses on the alienating parents behavior as opposed to the alienated parent’s and alienated children’s conditions.

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